be willing to be a beginner. someone's life depends on it...

mostly your own. 

Quitters never prosper...

But, what if they do?

At 23-ish, I found myself in a quarter-life crisis (yup, it's a real thing). In the space between who I had been preparing my whole life to be and who I was actually becoming.


I was married to my storyline:

go to school

pursue a high-salaried career

get married

have kids

work hard



There's absolutely nothing wrong with those goals, except there was always a whisper within me compelling me to go a different way. 

A complete change in career aspirations, a called-off wedding, lots of hard work and lots of tears later, I divorced that hustle and pursued my flow. My flow is empowering others to discover their worth and unique gift so they can live purposeful, powerful and profitable lives. 

Quitters DO prosper when they quit thoughts, behaviors and ideas that no longer serve them. 

And, as long as they never quit on themselves. 

I've done the hard work and have the roadmap. I want to help you get to the lessons quicker and sans all the drama and trauma. Let's chat for a few minutes to discuss how I can serve you on your way to becoming, PURPOSEFUL, POWERFUL, & PROFITABLE


can i tell you a story?

When I was four-years-old, I was abandoned on the side of a road in the middle of a snow storm. I had no clue that 30 years later, after years of struggling with my identity, worth and purpose, that I would be teaching people how to win from within.


I have done the leg-work and I want to hand you the keys that unlock the doors of purpose and profitability in your life.

I have traveled around the world sharing my story and activating the power and potential in others. 

Whose light will you spark by daring to say YES to your becoming process?