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Black and Brown girls are often mischaracterized, mislabeled and misunderstood. 

Georgetown Law study found that Black girls, compared to white girls of the same age, are perceived to:

need less nurturing

need less protection

need less support

need less comfort

be more independent 

know more about adult topics

These results are profound and their implications are far-reaching, primarily as contributing factors to the disproportionate rates of punitive treatment in education and juvenile justice systems. 


Dear Black Girl! is a six-week conversation series between Black and Brown girl interviewers and various guests who will broach topics such as: identity, audacity, purpose, and influence. Our goal is to provide BRAVE spaces where Black and Brown girls can articulate their joys, fears, and hopes. 

The series itself is run by a DREAM TEAM of young Black Girls who are empowered to create the programming, write the scripts, manage the tech, moderate and interview guests.


DBG! is a leadership building community where girls, ages 9-14, discover whose they are, who they are, and why they are so they can live PURPOSEFUL, POWERFUL, and PROFITABLE lives.