Why A Crossing Guard?

Let Me Help You Get From Here to There (wherever 'there' may be). 

As a child I was fascinated with the crossing guards I would see on my way to and from school. I remember thinking their bright traffic vests were cool and I particularly loved it when they blew their whistles. I couldn't wait to grow up and become one. 


The crossing guard who stood on the corner of Maple and Sherman Avenues in Takoma Park, MD was especially nice to me. She was an older woman, grey-haired and slow moving. Without fail, every time I showed up on that corner to cross the street, she would blow her whistle, stick one arm out as the other held the "STOP" paddle. With ease, she brought oncoming traffic to a halt. Though I didn't know how, I knew even then that when I grew up, I wanted to make the world a safe place by helping other people the same way she helped me everyday. 

I never became a crossing guard (unfortunately!) but I have dedicated my life to helping people stop the flow of mental and emotional traffic in their lives so they can safely cross over into becoming the person they have been created to be. Whether personally or professionally, I am committed to activating the power and potential in myself and in those around me. 

Despite the circumstances of our conception, each and every one of us is born on purpose for purpose. I want to inspire and equip you to evolve into the person God envisioned when He intricately and so beautifully wove you together.